STORY Final Instructions for IMHG 2015!


All you need now is to have selected your two tributes, one boy and one girl if at all possible, to send into battle to represent your district.

You'll need a computer with Minecraft 1.8.8 for each of your tributes, and a minecraft / mojang account for each of them to use.

You'll also need another computer where a responsible adult can join the gtsystem chat at so you can receive updates from Capitol and know what's going on, and what you're supposed to do.

You might also want a computer with a projector to show the map of your server if you're still doing reapings, or to watch the twitch stream of the finals at if desired.

Here's the schedule for regional and international finals.

Australian finals: 21-11-2015 4 PM AEDT (Sydney Time)
European finals: 21-11-2015 16.00 CET (Berlin Time)
US/North American finals are simultaneous
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 3 PM EST (New York Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 2 PM CST (Chicago Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 1 PM MST (Denver Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 12 NOON PST (California Time)

11-21-2015 4 PM EST (New York Time)
11-21-2015 1 PM PST (California Time)
21-11-2015 22.00 CET (Berlin Time)
22-11-2015 8 AM AEDT (Sydney Time)

Let us know in the chat or via email if you are still having questions or trouble! Once the regionals are about to begin, chat is your best bet as we won't be able to check email as frequently. Thanks for your participation and....



STORY Scoring is up! Get ready for Saturday's Tournament!


Servers are ready to go and some libraries have already used them to run their own reapings! We are happy to report that auto-scoring is now active! Here's how to use it! Please note that this scoring system is not essential for you to participate in the regional and international events on Saturday. It's a tool to help you manage your own reapings and choose your tributes.

How to use Scoring:
Start your Server from the GT Control Panel. (Don't have one? Let us know and we'll fix it! You can check – if your library isn't listed, send us an email.)
Start Minecraft and log in using your Minecraft / Mojang accounts.
Choose Multiplayer > Add Server
Enter your server's address (the one that ends with and click done. This will add your server to the list so you can easily see the status.
Then have at least 2 tributes connect to your server. Once 2 are connected, the countdown will begin.
IMPORTANT! If you want scoring to be helpful, the kids need to set their nicknames *BEFORE THE MATCH BEGINS* like this: /nick eli-AADL
It would be *SUPER HELPFUL* if your players got in the habit now of setting their nick before they begin the match, and putting your site code at the end of their nick as in the example.
When there is only one survivor, the match will end and the server will reset.
Access your scoreboard from your library's gtsystem site, by clicking "GT Control Panel" in the left sidebar. Towards the bottom of your Minecraft Server control panel, you will see a "View Results" link. Click this, and after you've completed at least one match, you'll see an overall scoreboard at the top – this will give you totals for all matches played and will list the player, their overall score, their total number of wins, and their total number of kills. Beneath this, you'll see a match by match breakdown. After a match has completed, gtsystem will compile scores.
Results will show each match and the total Points, wins and kills (100 for a win, 10 for a kill) for each nickname. If players forget to set their nicknames before they start a match, that data won't be very helpful!
Alternately, you can also use pen and paper. Just have the kids play matches and write down the winner of each match. When your event is nearing it's end, have the top players fight each other for a final.

Tournament Times and What you need to do to participate on Saturday:

All you need to participate in your regional finals are two tributes to represent your district, 1 boy and 1 girl if possible, and a computer logged in to minecraft for each. Again, how you choose your tributes is entirely up to the societal norms of your district!

IMPORTANT: Please join us in the chat at no less than 30 minutes prior to the event start time. This is how instructions about the tournament will be relayed to you, including the server address of the regional and international finals! You'll want a computer nearby that is just for you to use to be in the chatroom so you'll know what's going on.

Australian finals: 21-11-2015 4 PM AEDT (Sydney Time)
European finals: 21-11-2015 16.00 CET (Berlin Time)

US/North American finals are simultaneous
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 3 PM EST (New York Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 2 PM CST (Chicago Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 1 PM MST (Denver Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 12 NOON PST (California Time)

11-21-2015 4 PM EST (New York Time)
11-21-2015 1 PM PST (California Time)
21-11-2015 22.00 CET (Berlin Time)
22-11-2015 8 AM AEDT (Sydney Time)

During your match, you can also see what's going on using the map of your server at yourserver/map , for example, . The map can be very, very slow to draw terrain, but it will show each player on the server and their health and relative position, so it's a good way to see what's going on. You may need to zoom in.

Any questions? Just email us at .

Thanks for playing and....


STORY Servers Up For Testing!

OK! If you have your gtsystem site and moderator account, your VERY OWN IMHG SERVER is now ready for use!

If you don't yet have your site and moderator account, be sure to fill out the form here. (If you've already filled out the form, you will be receiving an email from us with your site info very soon.)

Once you've got your gtsystem site for your library and a username that's been made a moderator, you're ready to go!

**** First, start up your server! ****

1. Log in with your moderator account to your gtsystem site.
(i.e. search this page if you're not sure of yours: )

2. Go to your GT Control Panel on the left side menu.
(if you don't have the GT Control Panel listed, you're not logged in as a moderator account! Let us know your username and we'll fix it!)

3. At the top of the GT Control Panel page, you'll see your Minecraft server panel. Your server address is listed here along with the status of your server.
(i.e. . If the Minecraft panel doesn't show, let us know and we'll fix it!)

4. Click Start Server then click the button that appears to confirm starting your server.

5. Wait about a minute for your server to be created.
(You can refresh the page to check the status.)

6. Once your server is running, you'll see the IP address. You'll only need the IP address if for some reason you're not able to connect to your server by name.

7. Please stop your server when you're done!
(restarting your server can get the name and the IP out of sync. Don't restart your server as a troubleshooting measure!)

**** Now, launch minecraft and connect to your server! ****

1. Start Minecraft and log in with one of your Mojang / Minecraft accounts. This is not at all related to your GTsystem account.

2. When you reach the Minecraft title screen, choose Multiplayer.

3. Click Direct Connect.

4. Enter your server address, i.e. then click Join Server.
(if the connection times out, try the IP address from your GT Control Panel. If it's still not working, let us know, we'll fix it!)

5. You'll find yourself in the IMHG Arena!

**** Then try a Hunger Games Match! ****

1. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move. Look around with the mouse. Click to use, X to attack, E for Inventory, T to chat, Space to Jump.
(You can see more controls by pressing escape to pause, then choosing options > controls)

2. You'll find yourself in the Arena at the Spawn point near the cornucopia. You won't be able to open any chests until the match starts.
(You need at least 2 players in the arena to start a match!)

3. Once you have at least 2 tributes in the arena, the game countdown will start. Other players can join during this time.

4. During the countdown, your tributes can choose their starting kit by right clicking and choosing a kit from the menu. These items will be added to their inventory when the match begins.

5. Once the match begins, you get 15 seconds of invincibility. This is a good time to raid the chests.

6. Find your opponents and run up to them, then press X to attack!
(weapons are very helpful here. Anything is a weapon though!)


8. After the match ends, everybody will be kicked off the server. It takes the server about 30 seconds to reset, then you can rejoin and start another match.

**** BONUS: See a map of your players in action! ****

If you've got a projector in the room, it can be AWESOME to connect it to a computer showing your server's world map! You'll find it by going to your server in a web browser and adding /map to the end of the url, i.e. . That map updates in real time showing the locations of all the players on your server and even their health level! Great overview of a match!

**** CONCLUSION! ****

Let us know as always if you're having any trouble, and stay tuned for updates on scoring, including details on auto-scoring mode and how to hold a reaping with pen and paper. Thanks for playing and....



STORY Get Ready for IGD 2015!

The eighth annual International Games Day @ your library is Saturday, November 21, 2015! And YES, there will be another International Minecraft Hunger Games (IMHG) Tournament presented by the Ann Arbor District Library! In this tournament, your players can compete against other libraries (of all types) from around the world. The basics are below, but you'll find all the details here:

1.) Be sure to register with ALA as a participating venue using the IGD form.
2.) Fill out the IMHG form to get the GT System folks rolling on setting up your account.
3.) Sign up for the IMHG email list to be sure that you're receiving up to the minute info on IMHG.
4.) Get ready to select your library's tributes to participate in the regional and final tournaments on Saturday, November 21.

The deadline to register for IMHG is October 31, 2015. Each library will register as a "District" and will receive gtsystem site and moderator accounts. Gtsystem includes the controls to start, stop and monitor your IMHG server. The servers will be available for testing starting November 3, and ready for scoring events the week leading up to the tournament beginning Saturday, November 14, 2015.

If you've filled out the IMHG form, you'll receive an email the first week of November with more information about your gtsystem site and moderator accounts.
Questions or concerns? Email the team at for help.


GTEVENT Tounament completion

Event Scheduled for Monday June 25, 2012, 4:00 pm - 7:10 pm (EST)

Congratulations to Charmander for winning the overall tournament!
Final score totals for the last week are as follows:

Charmander 340
J-Man34 280
Sieg 160
MasterJ 140
Tevsauce 120
DTK 40
Bootz 40
Varg 20
Sunny 15


GTEVENT Week 2 - More Brawl

Event Scheduled for Monday June 11, 2012, 5:05 pm - 8:05 pm (EST)

The week 2 tournament will be more Super Smash Bros. Brawl, play style will most likely be a 1v1 like with the first week
As with the first week, the tournament starts at 6pm, and runs until all matches are complete.

Current leader boards for participants are as follows:
J-Man34 100
Charmander 80
MasterJ 60
Sieg 40
Tevsauce 20

Even if you missed the first tournament, you can still participate in any of the next 3, as always, the more people we can get the better. We still have plenty of prizes and its not too late to get a good start on the overall prizes either.


STORY Week 3- and new updates

More brawl for the third week of play!

New score totals for the last week are as follows:
J-Man34 200
Charmander 140
MasterJ 140
Sieg 80
Tevsauce 40
Sunny 15


GTEVENT 4th Annual After School Brawl Series

Event Scheduled for Monday June 4, 2012, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm (EST)
Location: Helena Twp. Community Center Alden MI 49612
4th Brawl.png
4th Brawl.png

Alden District Library, is proud to announce the 4th After School BRAWL, four weeks of tournament play beginning Monday, June 4, 2012 and running every Monday night until June 25. Check-in is at 5:45 pm, and play happens from 6 to 9 pm. Log in to register at

The first week features Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in a 2v2 style tournament play, the last three weeks’ choice of games will be up to the first weeks’ participants.

Score will be kept for each competitor from week to week.

First, second, and third place prizes will be
awarded each week, with grand prizes at the end of the four weeks.

Like previous years, we will have extra Wiis, each hooked up to a projector. One station will be used to hold the tournament, and any others will be there for open play with such games as Rock Band 2, Mario Kart, mario Party 8, and more.


STORY Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for the 2012 Tournament:

Higgins Store
Muffin Tin

Rapid City:
Village Market

B. C. Pizza
Iron Skillet
Dairy Delite & Grill
Derrer Oil & Propane

Big Boy
Earth's Garden
Family Video
Glen's Market


STORY Lan Game Room

The Halo series, Call of Duty Series, and The Gears of War Series are now able to be played games. Participants must be at least 17 years of age, or have a parent attending. The Alden District Library does have display equipment,(TVs)available for consoles. We do not have the Xbox 360 consoles, however. This program's success will depend on you, the contestant, to bring your Xbox 360 equipment to the tournament. Please post any comments and suggestions on this page. If you plan to bring your Xbox 360, please post here so we know how many tables to set up. If you would like to reserve a TV, post here as well. For the first week we will be renting copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for play. We currently have 1 360 with two controllers being brought in, however we will need more then this in order for the LAN game room to work.